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Welcome to Codemasters DiRT Rally School.

The DiRT Rally School is a series of tutorial videos made by Codemasters in which rally driver Jon Armstrong, who is the Codemasters rally consultant for DiRT Rally 2.0, goes over the techniques you'll need to master in order to drive through a rally stage and how rally and rallycross events work.

Rally Glossary
For those who wonder what all those rally terminology means, find out now with this rally glossary.
Sources used: wrc.com, juwra.com, racemarket.net, northweststages.co.uk and Wikipedia.com. Some text have been rewritten.

Co-driver Calls
And to make it complete an overview of the most used co-driver calls.
Source used: racedepartment.com. Some text have been rewritten.

Lesson 1: The Basics

Jon Armstrong goes over the basics you'll need in order to drive through a rally Stage.

Lesson 2: Advanced Techniques

Jon Armstrong shows you some more advanced driving techniques that you can make the most of on your next run.

Lesson 3: Drive Types

Jon Armstrong explains the differences between Front, Rear and All-Wheel Drive cars, and how you can get the most out of each.

Lesson 4: Surfaces Types

Snow, gravel, tarmac, all fun to drive on but each presenting their own unique challenges. Jon Armstrong is breaking down the differences between each surface type.

Lesson 5: Track Features

Bumps, jumps and camber, these are the variables you'll come across as you take to the road in your rally car. Jon Armstrong gives you tips on each.

Lesson 6: Rallycross Overview

What is Rallycross, and how do events work? Jon Armstrong takes you through an event weekend and breaks it all down.

Lesson 7: Rally Overview

Jon Armstrong takes you through what happens when you enter a Rally event.


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